Supporting your flourishing through health education


 "We don't go through suffering to be toughened, but to be softened;
to become compassionate and kind towards ourselves and others 

requires a fundamental shift in our thinking."  
Mayra Porrata

Supporting your wholeness e-book (2019)


This e-book is an introduction to social, emotional, and spiritual health education for adults. Essentially, it is a resource to support your wholeness.

It represents a "sampler" (appetizer!) of the work my colleagues and I have developed over the last 6-7 years. It is also the same content I taught in my Community Health Education classes at Kent State University, as well as other lectures and talks on these topics.

The e-book was created for "general audiences", as well as for those who are in administrative or leadership positions. Essentially, it is for anyone with a sincere desire to expand their knowledge and awareness of their own nature.

SUPPORTING your WHOLENESS ©Mayra Porrata (2019) (pdf)