minding the caregiver (winter 2019)

This book represents the merging and distillation of about 3 other books (Hiking to Heal, Soul Work, and Deep Water), alongside my 12-year journey as caregiver to my daughter with cystic fibrosis. 

The enormity and weight, psychological, physical, economic, emotional, and spiritual, for any parent-caregiver can be crushing at times. For me, I was not only crushed, but burned and pulverized until there was nothing left of me but one single choice; to live and to love. 

Like we often hear, it is not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you. My aim in sharing this real and deeply human account is to offer hope to anyone in the midst of this kind of pressure.  

Even if you're not a quote-on-quote caregiver, I sense the book will resonate with readers because, in truth, we are ALL caregivers; of our children, of our families, of our parents, our businesses, our places of worship, our gardens, our communities, too. Here's a little preview of the Table of Contents:


Broken open 

the way of suffering and emotional healing 

The deep water 

the way of discernment and coherence 

Life support 

the way of community and cooperation 

Soul work 

the way of trueness, presence, voice  

The flourishing way 

the way of regeneration 

At the end of yourself 

the way of spiritual healing and equanimity    

Available fall/winter 2019 in print and KINDLE formats
Available fall/winter 2019 in print and KINDLE formats