soul love (2020)

As I began working on MINDING THE CAREGIVER, a new set of poems began to emerge through my writing process. The poems contained in this collection are not about romantic love, but the deep, constant, and abiding love that is found inside each of us. 

The cover image comes from CANVA; a photo I found about a year ago -- gorgeous trees with pink blossoms reflecting against a small pond....the message I'm wishing to convey is that the "love you reflect, is the love you already are", whether you're conscious of it or not!

As we know, some of the most loving people on the planet are the least obvious (or aware) of how loving they are. My sense is that we, collectively, all need a little gentle reminder of our inherent goodness. That is the goal of this collection, as well as an invitation to nurture and deepen this aspect of our humanity. 

The book is scheduled for a spring 2020 release.  

Available Spring 2020
Available Spring 2020